Our Story

On the Go: How Two Busy Brothers Cooked Up Bailey & Sage

We’re the Kaplan brothers, Michael and Matthew, from just down the Pike in Newton. We’ve always loved good food, especially satisfying salads and sandwiches. But we’ve always been on the go: Before starting Bailey & Sage, our jobs in real estate and sales didn’t allow us time for a sit-down lunch, or even dinner at home with family. In those roles, we discovered quickly that fast food and fresh food don’t typically go hand in hand and that finding a great salad or sandwich wasn’t all that easy. So we set out to change things, and in 2010, we opened our first location on State Street.

Artisan sandwiches lent themselves perfectly to our fast and fresh concept. But chopped salads? Our solution: Chinese takeout-like containers, and our signature walk- and desk-friendly salads were born.

Fast forward eight years, and we’ve opened a second location in Kendall Square with space to dine in—a  third, at 100 Federal, is coming soon—and we’ve expanded our menu to include protein-packed quinoa bowls and innovative vegetarian and vegan options.

These days, we’re still always going, between restaurants and delivering catering orders. Only now, we’re well fed while on the move, and we hope you are, too! Don’t hesitate to say hello. We’re the brothers taking our food seriously, just not ourselves.

Eat, live, laugh,
Michael and Matthew