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103 STATE ST, BOSTON, MA 02109 – 857.350.3032

Order Catering In Boston

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100 FEDERAL ST, BOSTON MA 02110 – 857.350.3032

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Frequently Asked Catering Questions

Can I order catering the same day as my event?

Our operations are setup to take same day orders. Because we are making it fresh, we’re happy to make same day orders but, the more time you can give us, the better.

How do I place a pick-up catering order?

On our ordering page here, enter the address of the restaurant where you’d like to pick-up. After making your menu selections, click “View Order” and select “Pick-Up” under “Order Type.”

Can I place an order over email or the phone?

We request all orders to be placed via our website here. This helps us ensure a more seamless and secure ordering process.  While we prefer orders to go through our website, we’re always happy to hear from our customers who feel more comfortable calling us directly to place the order. If you want to use email please email orders to

Is there a minimum purchase?

We accept pick-up catering orders of all sizes. For delivery, there’s a minimum of $60.

I’d like to order catering for more than 30 people (more than your large package serves). What are my options?

The more the merrier. Our catering packages can accommodate any group size lunch you have. We at Bailey & Sage love providing large lunches so more people can enjoy

Does my order include plates, napkins, etc.?

All orders arrive with napkins and the same cool “take-out” containers used in our restaurants. We also provide all serving utensils needed for your event.

Will your team help set up my order?

We instruct our delivery persons to not leave until our clients are settled. They can help assist setting up if needed

What vegan/gluten-free/soy-free options do you have?

We have catering options for almost everyone’s dietary needs. Our onsite chefs can accommodate the dietary restrictions for every event or meeting.You can see allergens in the descriptions of all our menu items. If you have additional questions about ingredients or very specific needs, please email

When should I request delivery drop-off if my event starts at XX AM/PM?

We recommend placing your order for 30 minutes before meeting starts to allow time for delivery, unloading and set up.

What if my address is outside your delivery zone?

While we can’t 100% guarantee delivery to out-of-zone locations, feel free to check with us. We always try to accommodate every order. You’ll be able to fill out a request form if placing a delivery order with an out-of-zone address. You can always place a pick-up order from a nearby conveniently located restaurant.

Do you offer house accounts?

Yes, we do! Our house accounts with monthly billing are a great option for companies looking to place a large volume of catering orders on a regular basis.

Do you have a recommendation on gratuity?

Tipping is optional, but a gratuity of 5-15% (or any custom amount) can be added at checkout and is always appreciated.

How do I make edits to my order?

If your requested delivery time is more than 24 hours out, you can edit your order by logging into your online account and clicking the “Edit Order” button next to your upcoming order. To make changes, you’ll go through the ordering process again and confirm your edits at the end. If you need to change your order within 24 hours, please contact your local restaurant directly via the phone number or email

What is your cancellation policy?

We totally understand – a meeting gets cancelled, an event delayed. Email us at and we’ll accommodate your scheduling changes. If your order is already made or on its way to be delivered we cannot cancel the order.